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Zurich Townhall & Dinner 2023

Zurich is organizing a townhall and dinner event for employees. This is a great opportunity for employees to meet new people, network, learn and get inspired.


The client wishes to use a digital solution to invite members to the event in order to eliminate the need for physical invitation and agenda cards, reduce paper waste, and facilitate efficient check-in for attendees.

In addition, the client is seeking a system that includes fundamental event features such as a lucky draw and seating plan.


Our software is designed to manage electronic invitations and facilitate fast check-in at the event using QR codes. Attendees can use their devices to scan the QR code and access the event agenda, live seating plan, and participate in the lucky draw.

The software streamlines the invitation and check-in process and provides attendees with convenient access to important event information.


The client was highly satisfied with the performance and functionality of our system, which contributed to the smooth operation of the event. The client has provided positive feedback, indicating that they were impressed with the efficiency and effectiveness of our solution.


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