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Why Hybrid Events is Dominating The Event Industry?

Hybrid events are an innovative way to bring together the best of both worlds: live audiences and virtual audiences. Hybrid Events go a step further, connecting you to audiences in the room and worldwide. And as COVID-19 continues to impact the event industry and the ability for large groups of people to gather, hybrid events should form part of your event strategy for the future.

Higher attendee inclusion and reach

You might think that an in-person event would be able to reach more people than a virtual one. But that isn’t always true. Traditional events may have limitations in terms of their size, location, and attendees but with hybrid events, you can overcome these restrictions. With hybrid events, you can maximize your event’s capacity without restricting yourself.

Speakers from all over the world will be able to virtually join in on your event from wherever they are - no matter how far away that is or what time zone they live in. This way, your event can truly reach every corner of the world!

Reduced event cost

The decision to go hybrid is often a great one for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint, and it can be a great way to accommodate attendees who are unavailable for traveling. For businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact, hybrid events can be seen as a positive strategy and a step in the right direction. You can reduce travel costs, venue expenses, catering costs, and more!

The virtual segment will still require some investment in order to create an online platform where remote participants can join in. This includes audio and cameras for streaming, but it is still less costly than the cost of having everyone in one place.

Better sponsorship opportunities

Corporate sponsors love being part of hybrid events as they get to leverage various features of the hybrid model, including its global reach, the possibility of interacting with both in-person and virtual audiences, and the opportunity to feature their brand in both mediums.

Sponsors will have the ability to participate in the event too by setting up virtual event booths and eventually, giving presentations via video conference.

Huge marketing opportunities

The engagement advantages of hybrid events also lead to magnificent marketing opportunities. After the marketers establish their target audience for the event, first, their target will be magnified in terms of people, which means that they will reach and maximize their impact on the audience.

They will have access to all the feedback, recorded sessions, and data that was received throughout the event. This also means that they have the possibility to analyze that content and if the results were satisfying, use it to create marketing campaigns advertising their next event.

In a nutshell, hybrid events is the future of event industry

Hybrid events have changed the way business events are organized, marketed, and attended, which means that you always get the best of both worlds. You always get an element of human interaction and the efficiency of an online event.

There are some great ways to add interactive, experiential elements to a hybrid event and this makes the audiences feel as if they are part of the action rather than just being there for the presentation.


Looking to create a hybrid event that leaves your audience engaged and entertained from start to finish? Dreamory Entertainment is here to help.

We're a team of dedicated professionals who are more than experienced hybrid events producers, we know that event technology is revolutionizing the industry, and we take it seriously.

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