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What NOT To Do When Running A Hybrid Event?

As countries start to reopen following COVID-19 cautiously, more of the event are waking up gradually, but the threat of Covid-19 still exists. Therefore, it is a better way to use a hybrid form to hold an event as people from around the world can attend the event, and this also could prevent COVID-19 spread. Hybrid events are expected to become a trend in upcoming years.

Hybrid events open exciting new ways for event organizers to innovate, all while bringing endless possibilities to widen audience reach and engagement.

Hybrid events enable you to bring the global community together, irrespective of distance or imposed cross-border travel restrictions. This approach can bring in new attendees while helping you retain them for your upcoming events.

Although hybrid events have many advantages, event organizers who are new to hybrid events have always needed to correct the following mistakes.

We have sorted out the 5 not to do when running a hybrid event:

Disregarding The COVID-19 Safety Precautions

We all know that it's hard to forget the COVID-19 pandemic. We all have tried to do so but cannot escape this deadly virus. It has changed our lives and our way of living. From the past until now, we are still working to maintain a safe environment for everyone worldwide. Event organizers have a big responsibility in implementing safety guidelines for the participants at their events.

Some safety tips may vary depending on the circumstances, but these 2 things should be addressed:

1) physical barriers

2) social distancing

In the event, participants must keep social distancing to limit the spread of Covid-19. Organizers should remind the participants that social distancing and physical barriers should always be used in conjunction with other COVID-19 control measures (e.g., reduced occupancy, adequate ventilation, use of masks, etc.). It’s the key for the event organizers to implement and create a quality in-person experience.

Not Having A Backup Plan

With ever-changing travel and health restrictions, backup plans are more crucial than ever. It can say that hybrid events were born out of the event industry’s need for a flexible backup format. But hybrid events need additional support as many things can still go wrong — lockdowns can be imposed at the last minute if the Covid-19 pandemic sudden surges occur. Some attendees, or maybe even your staff, might be unable to make it. Signals and network bandwidth at your venue may also fluctuate due to unforeseen weather changes. Therefore, having a well-prepared back plan is very important for a hybrid event organizer.

We advise providing flexible ticket options to prevent last-minute cancellations and no-shows. It's possible that onsite ticket holders will suddenly be unable to go or online participants will decide to attend at the last minute. Therefore, you should provide easy ways for attendees to switch from in-person to virtual and vice versa.

Make sure you have a technical crew in the venue to address any issues or errors that can cause your event to run late. Additionally, carry backup equipment and a different internet router to keep streaming your event. If worse comes to worst, be prepared to transfer your event online.

Disregarding The Impressive Event Tech Team

To ensure that your hybrid event is a success, it is essential to partner with a reputable event tech company. This will provide you with the support and resources necessary to deliver a high-quality experience for attendees. When choosing an event tech partner, it is important to carefully consider their track record and reputation within the industry.

In order to deliver the best possible event experience, it is crucial to have a team of professionals who can provide the necessary support and guidance. This includes ensuring that all technical aspects of the event, such as the virtual event platform and live streaming equipment, are functioning properly. It is advisable to conduct thorough testing on all of these elements in advance to avoid any issues on the day of the event.

In addition to technical considerations, it is important to consult with your team as early as possible in the planning process. This will allow you to discuss and address any potential challenges or issues that may arise, and work together to make the necessary adjustments to ensure a smooth and successful event. By taking the time to properly plan and prepare, you can confidently deliver an exceptional hybrid event experience.

Poor Time Management

Proper time management is crucial for the success of any hybrid event. By scheduling all aspects of the event and following the schedule closely, you can ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. This is especially important for the physical event, as it is essential to make sure that speakers and attendees arrive on time and adhere to the schedule. To help manage overall event time, it is a good idea to send reminders and check in with speakers to confirm that they are on track.

In addition to managing time for the physical event, it is also important to ensure that online attendees are able to join the event on time. To do this, you may want to consider appointing event hosts, also known as live emcees, to guide attendees through each segment of the event. These hosts can help to keep the event running smoothly and on schedule by introducing speakers, transitioning between sessions, and answering any questions or concerns that may arise. It is advisable to have both in-person and online hosts, as this will allow you to ensure that all attendees, regardless of location, are able to fully participate and engage with the event.

Having dedicated event hosts can be especially helpful for online attendees, as they can provide guidance and support as needed. By having a clear schedule and trained hosts to manage the event, you can help to ensure that all attendees have a positive and enjoyable experience.

Not Holding Rehearsals Before The Event

If you are hosting a hybrid event, it is even worse not to hold rehearsals for either an in-person or a virtual event. Because there are more moving pieces to worry about, it is worse. Multiple speakers (both online and in person), two audiences, hosts, and crew are present.

Running rehearsals is the only way to guarantee your hybrid event goes off without a hitch. Practice inviting virtual guest speakers, test the technology for audience participation, and you must be aware of who is the event's director. Start at the top and begin working your way down the running order. Avoid making the deadly error of just discussing what will occur. It needs to be more. Everything needs to be done as though it were live. At the rehearsal stage, you can make changes to the screenplay, lighting, and sound.

However, you must continue and start again once you go live. Plan a small group of live and virtual observers for the rehearsal so they can provide you with valuable "in-the-moment" comments. They will be able to inform you of a variety of things, including how smoothly the vote or Q&A timing is going.

In Summary

In conclusion, there are several things to avoid when running a hybrid event in order to ensure its success. These include neglecting the importance of a reputable event tech partner, failing to properly test and prepare technical elements such as the virtual event platform and live streaming equipment, and not taking the time to consult with your team and address any potential challenges or issues that may arise.

Additionally, it is important to avoid poor time management, including not sending reminders or checking in with speakers, and not having dedicated event hosts to guide attendees and keep the event running smoothly. By carefully planning and preparing and avoiding these common pitfalls, you can confidently deliver a successful and enjoyable hybrid event experience for all attendees.


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