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Wellous x DHL MOU Signing Ceremony

Wellous and DHL held a momentous MOU signing ceremony, formalizing their agreement to collaborate on new business opportunities. The ceremony was attended by representatives from both companies, who expressed their excitement about the potential benefits of the partnership.


The client is looking for an expert team to organize a MOU signing ceremony. The ceremony requires a unique display system to showcase the signature on screen while the guests are signing.


Our company offers an innovative event software system called The Blue Lobby, which incorporates a user-friendly web-based signature platform that can be conveniently accessed via a tablet. With this feature, guests can easily log in and sign their name on the designated signature box, which is then displayed on the main screen in real-time, making it visible to everyone in attendance.


The MOU signing ceremony was executed seamlessly, leaving attendees and guests thoroughly satisfied. Our clients provided us with positive feedback, expressing their contentment with the outcome.


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