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PBT ICT Tech Talk 2023

This event is organizing for discussing these issues and generating new ideas that can shape the future of information and communication technology (ICT).


The client is in need of an effective solution to streamline their check-in process due to limited manpower. They are also looking for an interactive digital lucky draw to engage attendees and attract more participation. Furthermore, the client requires a booth stamping system to enable attendees to participate in activities.


Our event software, The Blue Lobby, has been expertly crafted to seamlessly manage E-invitation QR codes that are privately sent to clients. With our system, attendees can easily check-in onsite by having their QR codes scanned, ensuring a fast and efficient process.

Additionally, The Blue Lobby offers a sophisticated digital lucky draw experience that simplifies the entire process from customization to execution. Clients can easily customize the lucky draw to align with their corporate identity, providing a personalized touch to the event. Furthermore, our interactive booth stamping system adds an extra layer of engagement for attendees, encouraging them to visit all the booths.


Our client expressed great satisfaction with The Blue Lobby's exceptional capability in delivering a seamless and efficient check-in experience, which eliminated long wait times for attendees.

The client was also delighted with our custom digital lucky draw service, which provided an elevated level of engagement for their event. Furthermore, our provision of a booth stamping system met and exceeded the client's expectations, adding an additional layer of interaction for attendees.


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