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Nestle Sales Rally 2023

Nestle is organizing this kick off event for new goals and projects presented, but important communications between project participants, employees and new business partners are also established.


The client has requested a user-friendly event software to manage check-in and door gift redemption for their upcoming event with over 500 attendees. In addition, they have also requested a booth stamping mechanism to encourage attendees to visit all the exhibition booths on site.


At the event, attendees can easily check-in by presenting their QR codes to the check-in crews. Our event software, The Blue Lobby, will display the attendees' information, as well as their gift claiming eligibility details. To prevent any instances of over-claiming, we have implemented a feature that ensures each attendee can only claim their gift once. Additionally, attendees can participate in the booth stamping system to increase their chances of winning prizes in the lucky draw session


Our client was highly impressed with The Blue Lobby's ability to deliver a seamless and efficient check-in experience for the event, which eliminated any long wait times for attendees. They were also satisfied with the booth stamping system that we had put in place, and every attendee thoroughly enjoyed with it.


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