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National Economic Forum 2023

National Economic Forum 2023, organized by the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (NCCIM) to bring together industry leaders, policy-makers, and visionary thinkers to engage in crucial discussions about setting the future economic roadmap for the new Malaysia.


The event presents a unique challenge focused on the seamless integration of a QR check-in system and real-time printing of personalized name badges on lanyards. This endeavor necessitates a meticulous coordination of technology and logistical operations to ensure a smooth and efficient process.


Prior to the highly anticipated event, we took advantage of our advanced email blasting feature to ensure a personalized experience for each attendee. Through targeted email campaigns, we successfully delivered unique check-in QR codes directly to the inbox of every registered participant.

As attendees arrived at the event venue, they were met with a professionally organized registration counter equipped with cutting-edge technology. The seamless integration between our event software and the check-in system allowed for a hassle-free process. Attendees simply presented their individual QR codes, which were promptly scanned using high-speed scanners. The system effortlessly verified the authenticity of each code, instantly confirming the attendees' presence and admission to the event.

But the convenience didn't stop there. Our event software, designed with attendee satisfaction in mind, automatically generated personalized name badges in real-time. Leveraging the information provided during registration, the software dynamically produced visually appealing badges featuring the attendee's name, affiliation, and any additional pertinent details.


The implementation of our streamlined check-in process not only resulted in a remarkably smooth and efficient experience but also left our clients highly satisfied with the outcome. The positive impact on attendee satisfaction and the overall event experience greatly enhanced the reputation of the event organizer.


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