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MSEF Launching Ceremony

Malaysia Social Entrepreneurs Foundation (MSEF) is looking for an interactive solution for their launching event gimmick, that will engage audience and grab their attention.


In order to enhance the engagement of attendees and capture their attention, the client requested the inclusion of an interactive launching gimmick as part of the event.


We produced a 1-minute motion graphics video that depicted the growth of a plant from a seed to a full-grown tree. The video included a launch mechanism that allowed attendees to interact with the video by "watering" the seed through our launching app. The concept behind the motion graphics was to demonstrate that attendees can contribute to and help launch the event, just as watering a seed helps it grow.


Our clients were impressed and satisfied with the gimmick mechanism system that we provided for the event. This system allowed attendees to feel a sense of participation and helped to create a more engaging and interactive experience for them.


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