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In-Person vs Virtual vs Hybrid: Which Approach is The Best?

There are more options for evet planning than ever before, whether it be an in-person event at a physical venue, a virtual event where guests attend from the comfort of their homes, or a hybrid option that blends the two together.

No matter what form it is, the goal is always concerned with the comfort level of attendees and providing an impactful and memorable experience for your attendees.

Can hybrid events have the same result as in-person? Are there any key takeaways from virtual events? Here's a quick reading of differentiating the pros and cons of these 3 event formats.

In-Person Event - All attendees being present at the event’s venue physically


  • Build relationships through physical interaction such as handshakes, eye contact, and face-to-face conversations

  • Excitement and anticipation for reuniting in-person

  • Higher potential for generating revenue


  • Higher cost, including the expenses of venue rental, decoration, entertainment, cost of employees traveling and etc

  • Limited flexibility such as travel costs for attendees, not inclusive for people who unable to attend

  • Unpredictability of covid conditions and risk

Virtual Event - Event that happens 100% of attendees participate virtually, via digital technologies


  • Potential for increased attendee count

  • Eliminate the risk of a pandemic-driven cancellation

  • Create possibilities for inviting keynote speakers due to distance, schedules, and budget

  • Smaller carbon footprint


  • Networking and interaction seem limited

  • Virtual events have become very competitive. You’ll need attractive content to stand out

  • Attendees have a short attention span for online events

Hybrid Event - Combination of physical components with online elements, attendees can have the options of participating physically or remotely


  • Best of both worlds, your event can be experienced in two different ways

  • Engagement data collected from virtual attendees

  • Increase audience reach with the virtual element that you have the potential to reach a border audience online

  • Increase exposure for sponsors, on not just one platform but two, one of which is more long-lasting


  • Greater production knowledge and experience needed from your technical partner

  • Additional coordination and engagement requirements

  • Delivery has the potential to become complex

Choosing the right event format is only half of the battle. To make sure that it is worth every penny you spend on it, never forget to have a clear purpose and focus on your target market. We hope the information above can help you have a clearer picture of preparing for your upcoming event!


Looking to create a hybrid event that leaves your audience engaged and entertained from start to finish? Dreamory Entertainment is here to help.

We're a team of dedicated professionals who are more than experienced hybrid events producers, we know that event technology is revolutionizing the industry, and we take it seriously.

WhatsApp / call: +60 12-432 1928


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