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HLB Cashless @ Sekinchan Virtual Treasure Hunt

HLB is holding a launch event to unveil and market their latest app, SekinGo. SekinGo aims to enhance visibility and participation in the "The Visit Sekinchan 2023 Campaign".


The client is seeking a team with professional expertise and requires a unique gimmick launch to introduce their app, intending to capture their audience's attention and involve them in the event. The client also requested to develop a unique and Augmented reality (AR) game in terms of a digital treasure hunt with the goal of increasing the awareness and engagement of ‘The Visit Sekinchan 2023 Campaign’.


We created a 50-second motion graphic video showcasing the brand vision and included a launch mechanism for VIP attendees to activate, physically adding an interactive element to the event. Our team successfully developed and implemented a digital treasure hunt called 'SekinGo', which required participants to visit 20 locations across the village and complete various tasks, such as scanning QR codes and collecting augmented reality (AR) items through their camera. Through this engaging experience, participants earned SekinCoins and ultimately won prizes.


The client was impressed and satisfied with our innovative engaging gimmick mechanism for the event. Additionally, the attendees felt a sense of participation and engagement due to the implementation of the mechanism. Other than that, client expressed their satisfaction with the unique and engaging nature of the digital treasure hunt, indicating that it exceeded their expectations.


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