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Exness Kids Day

Exness host an event specifically for parents and families to attend together. This event include a variety of activities that are suitable for both children and adults, such as games, sports, crafts, and other interactive activities.


The client is facing a significant challenge in efficiently managing the check-in process for over 700 attendees, including both adults and children, simultaneously. The primary concern is to effectively manage the crowd, minimize queuing times, and ensure a smooth and efficient check-in experience for all attendees. The client is in search of a solution that can help mitigate this challenge and provide a seamless and efficient check-in process, allowing the event to proceed smoothly and without interruption.


In order to guarantee a streamlined and efficient event check-in process for our client's participants, we leveraged The Blue Lobby software to manage the procedure. This advanced software offers a range of features, including the ability to send out reminders and confirmations to attendees, ensuring that everyone is well-informed and prepared for the event. Our deployment of The Blue Lobby has been instrumental in creating a smooth and efficient check-in process, allowing the event to proceed without any disruptions or delays.


Our client was thoroughly impressed with the implementation of The Blue Lobby software, which effectively eliminated long waiting times for attendees during the event check-in process. The result was a smooth and efficient experience for all participants, greatly enhancing the overall event experience. The client was particularly pleased with the one-click reminder email feature offered by The Blue Lobby platform, which provided an additional level of convenience and streamlined the communication process. Overall, the deployment of The Blue Lobby software was a resounding success, delivering a superior event check-in experience for attendees and fulfilling the client's expectations for an efficient and convenient solution.


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