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DFI Retail Group Supplier Award Night

DFI is hosting an event that acknowledges and honors the role of retail partners in the achievement of a company or organization.


DFI is pleased to extend an invitation to its valued suppliers, consisting of approximately 850 individuals from 200 different companies, to attend a dinner event in appreciation of their partnership and contributions. This special occasion will be held in two locations, Singapore and Malaysia.


We has deployed our all-integrated software solution to facilitate a hybrid mode of self-check-in, which includes both counter-based and self-scan QR options. Upon successful check-in, each attendee will receive a unique access link via both SMS and email to their Personalized Attendee Portal (PAP). The PAP provides a convenient platform for attendees to view important event information such as the live seating plan, event agenda, and company attendance.


The successful accommodation of over 700 guests was achieved through the combination of counter check-ins and self-service check-ins utilizing state-of-the-art QR scanning technology. This innovative approach to check-in not only enhanced the overall experience for our guests, but it also ensured the smooth and efficient flow of the process. By avoiding long queues and minimizing wait times, we were able to provide our guests with a seamless check-in experience that exceeded their expectations.


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