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CSA Academy Dinner Event

This dinner event is set to be unforgettable experience, packed with exciting activities includes MOU signing ceremony, a sumptuous dinner and a lucky draw with exciting prizes.


Our client has expressed a preference for a digital MOU signing process at the dinner event. They have requested that all aspects of the event be fully digitized and have specifically indicated a desire to avoid traditional methods.


We have innovatively crafted a bespoke digital MOU signing system that offers aesthetically pleasing designs featuring the client's unique branding. Notably, VIPs on stage can sign on their respective iPads, and the system expeditiously projects their signatures onto the LED screen, thereby providing all attendees with a panoramic view of the proceedings. This solution serves to augment the grandeur of the event, offering a seamlessly integrated and visually captivating way to execute the MOU signing process while also showcasing the client's brand.


The client was extremely pleased with our innovative digital MOU signing system and the seamless integration of their branding. They expressed their satisfaction with the aesthetically pleasing design and the flawless execution of the signing process, which provided attendees with a visually captivating experience.


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