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Coca-Cola Digital Launching & Conference

This is an exciting occasion which include keynote speeches from industry leaders, panel discussion and interactive displays. It is aimed at generating buzz and excitement around the company's latest initiatives!


Our client's event is set to feature an exciting promotional activity in the form of a wall signing. While traditionally done on a physical backdrop, the client is seeking a digital alternative to this activity. As part of the event, we have been tasked with creating a launching animation video that will be displayed on a 360-degree LED screen installation. The high visual design standards set by the client present us with a significant challenge, requiring meticulous attention to detail and a thorough understanding of their vision for the event.


Our proposed innovative solution for the client's event involves implementing an instant digital wall signing system that seamlessly combines technology and interactivity. Attendees will be able to sign on an iPad and submit their signature, which will then be showcased on a LED screen with a captivating animation and remain on display. The added benefit of this system is its capability to automatically calculate the total number of signatures displayed on the screen, providing the client with valuable metrics. Furthermore, our team successfully delivered a high-quality animation video for the event, perfectly aligned with the client's brand identity and story. Drawing upon our extensive expertise and experience, we meticulously crafted the video's design to exceed the client's expectations and make a lasting impression on attendees.


The event was a resounding success, thanks in large part to our innovative digital wall signing system, which drew significant interest and excitement from attendees. This unique system allowed attendees to sign on an iPad and submit their signature, which was then showcased on a LED screen with a captivating animation and remained on display throughout the event. In addition, the animation video produced by our team was presented on the 360-degree LED screen, eliciting enthusiastic cheers and applause from the audience who were visibly impressed by the seamless design and alignment with the client's brand identity and story.


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