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Cigna Malaysia Annual Dinner

Cigna Malaysia hosting its annual dinner, where they will celebrate their accomplishments over the past year. The event will serve as a gathering for employees, clients, and other important stakeholders.


The client needs a solution to efficiently send out event confirmations and reminders to over 400 attendees for their annual dinner. They are seeking user-friendly event management software that can help them manage attendee check-in as they have limited manpower. In addition, the client would like to incorporate engagement activities such as the best dress award voting.


The Blue Lobby, our all-in-one event management platform, simplifies the process of sending out E-invitations and checking in attendees with the use of QR Code technology. Additionally, we offer a unique and exciting feature of a dress award voting activity.


The successful check-in of over 400 guests without long wait times for queuing brought great relief. Attendees and clients were delighted with the well-organized dress awards section. The client expressed satisfaction with the entire process, which ran smoothly from beginning to end.


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