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Carlsberg National Conference & Annual Dinner

This is a national conference event includes a comprehensive overview of the performance in the past year, highlighting achievements and milestones, as well as challenges and opportunities for improvement.


The client has requested a seamless, contactless, and paperless event check-in process. The check-in procedure must be swift and efficient to accommodate a large gathering of approximately 1000 attendees presenting simultaneously.


Our proposed solution entails implementing a contactless check-in system whereby attendees receive a QR code prior to the event. On the day of the event, attendees will present their QR codes to the iPad check-in kiosk, which will automatically scan the code and facilitate the check-in process. This solution eliminates the need for physical contact and ensures a smooth, efficient, and paperless check-in experience for all attendees.


The outcome of the implemented solution has resulted in a high level of satisfaction from the client. The contactless check-in system has effectively eliminated the need for excessive manpower allocation, while also successfully mitigating long queues and wait times.


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