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Bayer National Conference 2023

Bayer held a conference with an interactive and captivating launching event gimmick that will effectively engage the attendee and capture their attention.


The client is looking for event management software that can efficiently send confirmations and reminders to over 300 attendees for their annual dinner. To address their limited manpower, the client is looking for user-friendly event management software that can assist with attendee check-in at the event efficient and smoothly. Furthermore, the client has requested the development of a unique Augmented Reality (AR) experience to enhance the launch of the event and increase audience engagement.


The Blue Lobby system offers a convenient check-in process and user-friendly voting system for the best dressed awards. Upon registration, each attendee will receive a wristband with a QR code, which they can scan to access the live seating plan, event schedule and best dress awards voting page. We also develop a unique Augmented Reality (AR) animation launching video for the event to increase audience engagement.


Client were satisfaction and impress with our The Blue Lobby performance. The Blue Lobby has eased the long queue of attendees during registration. It reduced the workload of manual voting calculation as everything is about system automation.

Beside that, client also praise the AR launching it very awesome and smoothly. Each attendee scanned a QR code displayed on the screen and participated in a mini-game which is swiping butterflies on their phone screens. This collective effort triggered the launching gimmick.


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