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Agoda Fest 2023

Agoda Fest 2023 is an event take place in Kuala Lumpur and is exclusive to Agoda employees. It is a celebration of the company's achievements and is designed to bring the entire team together for an evening of fun and relaxation.


The client's event is expected to draw a crowd of around 1600 attendees, making efficient and organized check-in procedures crucial to the success of the event. While traditional methods of attendance check-in have been used in the past, the client has expressed concerns about the potential for extended wait times, which could create a negative experience for attendees and detract from the overall success of the event. In addition to efficient check-in procedures, the client is also facing the challenge of distributing over 100 lucky draw prizes during the event. To ensure proper management and control of the prize distribution process, the client is seeking a streamlined and efficient lucky draw solution.


We are excited to present our proposal to the client for an innovative QR check-in system that will streamline and expedite the event check-in process. Our system is designed to provide an efficient and hassle-free experience for attendees, while also delivering valuable benefits to the client. One of the key advantages of our QR check-in system is its ability to enable simultaneous distribution of event goodies to attendees. This means that once attendees have checked in, they can receive their event goodies without having to go through a separate process, saving them time and effort. In addition to our QR check-in system, we are also proposing a digital lucky draw solution that will ensure a seamless and automated process for selecting winners and generating a report containing their names. Our digital lucky draw system is designed to minimize the potential for human error or bias, ensuring a fair and transparent selection process.


Our proposed solutions significantly expedited the client's event check-in process, streamlined the distribution of event goodies, and provided a comprehensive report of lucky draw winners. The client was highly satisfied with the outcomes of our solutions.


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