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Affin Hwang New Corporate Identity Launch

Affin Hwang, one of the largest and fastest growing professional services firm in Asia, wanting to launch a new corporate identity for asset management.


The client wanted to roll out the new logo with all stakeholders from the venue in one go.


Event Interactives & Motion Graphics - We produced a 3D animation to bring out the ‘red thread’ elements which is the meaning behind their new logo. Also, we integrated the animation in a ‘play-by-stages’ mode via The Blue Lobby, where the client can trigger the video stages by stages, through our control panels. Lastly, we could show up a statistic on how many attendees are already logging in to the software.


Our clients were impressed with our launch gimmick because all of the audience was able to take part in it, and they felt the emotion we were hoping to create. They told us that they wished they could apply this kind of experience to another event.


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