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2 Minutes Reading To Understand About Hybrid Events

What Are Hybrid Events?

Hybrid event Dreamory

Hybrid events are a mix between a live event and a virtual event in which an in-person audience at a venue and a virtual audience join in via a virtual conferencing platform.

Your audience can participate and engage with your event, no matter where they are.

Hybrid events can take a multitude of appearances, as it depends on your own event format and your audience.

However, the best hybrid events have one thing in common: they put the audience journey first, for both audiences.

This means treating your live and online audience equally, and ensuring they can get the most from your event.

How to decide whether your event is good to go as a hybrid?

1. When is the event happening?

If you have more time to do event planning, a hybrid event could give you more flexibility. Physical contact increases engagement and excitement for sure, and for the online attendees, the amount of attendance will only increase since they can participate in the event remotely.

A hybrid event planning would take a longer time for planning compared with a virtual event, as the organizer needs to ensure both sides of the audience will share equal engagement and excitement.

2. Who are your attendees?

The deciding factor will also boil down to the attendees. Consider the following questions to choose the best event experience for them:

  • How many people are you anticipating?

  • Where are the attendees coming from?

  • Can you safely host face-to-face events given current COVID-19 guidelines?

  • Will guests feel comfortable attending in person?

Ultimately, the goals of the conference should meet the needs and the level of comfort of the attendees.

3. What kind of event do you want to have?

Back to the basics, what kind of event are you striving to create for your attendees?

Some events require face-to-face contact so your event may need to fulfill that requirement. But others may be able to translate their content in a virtual way that is just as effective.

Some events that work well in a hybrid format are:

  • Product launches

  • Global conferences

  • Town halls

  • Trade shows

In a nutshell, hybrid events will be commonplace shortly.

With technological innovations and the mass adoption of social networks, chances are we will even stop using the term hybrid because there will be no reason to maintain this differentiation. All events will have digital and in-person components. Thus, betting on hybrid events to create experiences has become a strong need.


Looking to create a hybrid event that leaves your audience engaged and entertained from start to finish? Dreamory Entertainment is here to help.

We're a team of dedicated professionals who are more than experienced hybrid events producers, we know that event technology is revolutionizing the industry, and we take it seriously.

WhatsApp / call: +60 12-432 1928


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