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10x Convergence is a community networking event and award night designed to bring together prominent CEOs and Entrepreneurs. Additionally, the event will culminate with an Award Night, recognizing and celebrating the achievements and successes of individuals.


The client is in need of a reliable and efficient solution for managing their upcoming two-day event with over 100 attendees. They are looking for a solution that can handle the task of sending out event confirmation details and reminder messages to all attendees, reducing the workload and minimizing the chances of errors or miscommunication. With limited manpower available, the client is seeking a solution that is user-friendly and can streamline the process of managing the event. The solution should also provide a seamless experience for attendees, making the event a success. The client wants to ensure that event runs smoothly, without any hiccups or miscommunications.


On the pre-event stage, we use our software- The Blue Lobby to set up an email and SMS blasting system to deliver important event details to all attendees. This will ensure that all attendees are well-informed and have the necessary information to attend the event. To ensure that the client is able to effectively manage the check-in process with limited manpower, we have arranged a training session for the client on how to use the software. The training will cover all the necessary steps and provide the client with the confidence to run the check-in process smoothly on the day of the event. Additionally, The Blue Lobby has the event agenda and live seating available for attendees to view during the event day. This will provide attendees with easy access to important information, enhancing their overall event experience. With these steps in place, TBL is confident that the event will run smoothly and be a success.


The Blue Lobby has made a significant impact on the event by streamlining the check-in process and making it a breeze for attendees. With just a simple scan of their wristbands, attendees were able to quickly and efficiently check in to the event. This made the process of managing the event much easier for the client, who appreciated the simplicity and convenience of the check-in process. The Blue Lobby providing a seamless and stress-free experience for both the client and attendees was a key factor in the success of the event. The client was grateful and appreciated to us who contributed to the success of the event.


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